Important Wedding Planning Considerations

Screenshot 2016-06-02 at 6.23.47 PMA lot of women would agree that getting engaged is considered to be the memorable and exciting experience in your life. No doubt about that; for the first couple of weeks after the engagement, you’d feel that you’re on cloud nine and bursting with so much anticipation and energy. Well, it really should be the case! You’ve finally met your lifetime partner, and decided to spend a life together.

Planning this wonderful day means there are several wedding planning considerations that you have to go through.

You will be asking a lot of questions– from the wedding gown, to the meals to serve, to the music to play, and everything else in between. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, here are some of the most common wedding planning considerations for you to know:

How Much Is Your Budget?
It’s important to figure out how much you have to spend depending on your savings, your partner’s savings, and family contribution.

The Guest List
Come up with a headcount database that you can use all throughout the planning process. This should have columns for the contact details, gifts, RSVPs, and other important information that you might need. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s highly recommended to limit your guest invites.

Hire a Planner
The good thing about a wedding planner is that they have relationships with- and insight about– vendors, making the wedding preparation a little bit easier.

Reserve Your Date and Venue
You have to determine if you’re going to have two different locations for the ceremony and reception. Likewise, try to factor in the travel time between these places.

Hiring the Photographer
There’s no need to talk about the specifics yet, but it’s important to ensure that the people you’re going to hire is capable of doing the shots you really want.

Book the Entertainment
Are you planning to hire a DJ? You should also attend gigs of those who want to hire, and see how they perform in front of the crowd.

Buy a Dress
You’ll have to schedule time for this, and at least three fittings to ensure that the wedding dress would fit perfectly.

Shop for the Bridesmaids’ dresses
This should be done six months before the actual wedding for you to have it ordered and sized.

Book a Cosmetologist, A Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist!

Plan the Honeymoon
Don’t forget to ensure that your passports are up to date and scheduling doctor’s appointments is also ideal, because you probably need some shots before going out of the country.

Book a Florist
A lot of florists serve several clients on a day, and you should see to it that the one you’re going to hire has the talent to create the bouquets and arrangements you want for your wedding.

Purchase the Rings
A wedding wouldn’t be complete without the wedding ring, and so, you should really include this in your plan and do this a couple of months before the wedding, to have enough time if it needs to be resized.

There you have it. These are just of the wedding planning considerations that you should be familiar of in order to guarantee that your wedding would be memorable and stress free.

Wedding DJ Considerations

Screenshot 2016-06-02 at 6.29.29 PMFinding a good DJ for your wedding is very important. It can make your wedding the best and memorable not only for you but for your guests as well. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of wedding party DJs that you can choose from, not all of them are capable of delivering the quality services that you expect. That’s why you should know the wedding Dj considerations to look for.

What Do You Want for Your Wedding?
DJs specialize in a specific music type, which means, what they can offer vary. There are those who specialize in spin country music, others in hip hop, and some combine one or more type of music. Thus, you should hire a DJ who knows what you exactly want, so you will have the assurance that he would be able to deliver the services you are expecting and you will be satisfied with.

Learn About the DJ Before Hiring
You have to do your assignment first and check the DJ you are planning to hire. You don’t want to be wasting your money, just because the DJ isn’t as professional as you thought him to be. Always look for a DJ who have a good record in delivering and satisfying his clients.

Pay Attention to What They Have Done
This can be done by asking for samples that can be in the form of customer referrals, new pieces, or even videos showcasing their skills while performing at an event. This would give you an overview of what you can expect from the DJ when you hire the services for your wedding.

You should hire a DJ that has remarkable feedback to ensure that he is indeed reliable. Likewise, don’t forget to have an agreement in case the DJ fails to show up, or the equipment malfunctions during the event. Look for a DJ who also has a backup system or one who can spin professionally.

Personal Chemistry
A good DJ is the one you’d instantly like. A DJ would be playing an important role in your wedding, so make sure that he would be someone whom you want to handle your wedding party. Also, a lot of people would be remembering your wedding because of how the DJ spins and entertains people in most cases. Thus, look for a DJ who can please you, and you’ll feel confident that he will be able to please your guests as well.

What Is Their Music Knowledge and Experience
It is required that the DJ you are thinking of hiring has the knowledge of the genre you want them to play. Look for a DJ who is widely knowledgeable about different genres. Aside from that, they should also have the experience in selecting spinning music for wedding parties. Through this, they would know what should be done in order to meet your expectations.

When hiring a DJ for a partly, there are a lot of things that the couple should consider, and one of this would be the cost of services. However, this shouldn’t be the only factor. These considerations discussed above are some of the things that can help you have the assurance that your DJ would be able to turn the wedding party into a blast.

Wedding Photography Considerations

Screenshot 2016-06-02 at 6.22.24 PM

Since your wedding photography and videography would definitely be the biggest wedding expenses you’ll have to face, you should familiarize yourself with the wedding photography considerations in order to ensure that you wouldn’t end up wasting a lot of money during the process.

What’s Your Style
Wedding photographers work in various styles. While some excel in capturing images and turning them into traditional portraits, there are those that would rather move around and capture the event reportage style. For this very special occasion, you have to look for a photographer who would shoot and edit your photos depending on the style you want, and the essence of your wedding. Perhaps, you are interested in the combination of both styles. Thus, speak to your photographer and try your best to explain what you clearly want for the outcome.

Family Shots
It’s important to notify the photographer if you want some family shots to be taken, aside from the group shots and so on. Likewise, don’t forget to note the important people you want to be included in the family shot and if it should be delivered in a traditional style. The key is, you should let the photographer exhibit his expertise, because this is what you’re paying for. Trust them, because their years of experience can be an assurance that they’d be able to deliver what you want.

Have a Budget
When it comes to wedding photography, you’ll definitely get what you paid for. If you’re aiming for a full package, with 8 or so hours of coverage by two photographers, expert editing, and same day delivery, then you should be willing to pay for this. Talk honestly to your photographer and give your budget. Through this, he will be able to suggest the best ways on how you can get the most for your budget.

Have an Engagement Shoot
Photography is considered to be an up-close-and-personal service between the couples and the photographer. They should feel comfortable working together to achieve the best outcome during the shoots.

Unplugged Wedding
Professional wedding photographers consider smarthphones as their worst nightmare. It’s like having a paparazzi who is trying to compete for key key shots, such as the bride walking down the aisle.

Keep in mind, you are paying a lot of money for your wedding photos, and that is why you should ensure that they would turn out well. That means, reprimanding your guests to leave their cameras and smartphones alone, and just enjoy the experience instead.

You Have to Like Your Photographer
Although you don’t have to like all your suppliers, you should try your best to like your photographer, because he will be the one capturing your naked emotions through his camera. So, choose a photographer whom you would be happy to spend 8-10 hours with. This is a very memorable and special event. You shouldn’t be waiting for the day to be over, but you should have the feeling that you don’t want it to be over.

Have a Look at the Pre-Edited Shots
Editing is about improving an already great shot. Ask your photographer if you can check the pre-edited photos first to determine if you really need these photos to be edited or not. Likewise, this can also help you determine if they are really skilled professionals or just trying to be.

Wedding Venue Considerations

Screenshot 2016-06-02 at 6.20.46 PM

For most of us, a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and a lifelong commitment. That’s why it’s very important to ensure that everything will work out perfectly well– just like what has been planned. There are a number of things that should be taken into consideration, and one of which would be the wedding venue. Back then, all you have to do is pick a venue in your town, and that’s it. Now, for those who want to get married, it’s very important to look for the proper place, especially if you’re thinking of an outdoor wedding in Northern California.

That said, here are some of the most crucial wedding venue considerations that you should be familiar of.

An outdoor wedding in Northern California is definitely a great idea! However, before signing a contract with a venue, it’s ideal that you check out the logistics first. For instance, you should have a solid idea of how many guests will be attending your wedding. Although it might be a little difficult to figure that out if you’re just starting to prepare and plan for your wedding, you ought to know that it’s definitely one of the first questions that the venue organizer would ask you.

Aside from that, choosing the proper time of year is also vital when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding in Northern California. Although you will probably get a cheaper rate during fall or winter, you have to think about your guests– they may not appreciate the chilly weather they have to endure.

Venue Service
When choosing a venue, it’s important to know how much service will be provided. There are some that offer a full service while others don’t. A full service wedding venue offers chairs, tables, catering supplies, and everything else necessary for a wedding.

Selecting a venue that doesn’t offer a full service would make you shoulder more problems during this special day. Also, budgeting becomes more difficult, because new expenses would be added if it’s not carefully planned.

There’s nothing wrong with asking a series of questions, especially if it’s about the cost of the wedding. Even though some couples may think that money isn’t really an issue when planning a wedding, this doesn’t mean that you should be spending ridiculously either. As a rule of thumb, never think of signing a contract, not unless the venue had met all your needs and criteria. Keep in mind, a wedding is an expensive endeavor, and that’s why no venue’s price should be taken as is.

Wedding Motif
Every wedding has its own wedding theme, and selecting the perfect theme becomes a challenge when planning a wedding in Northern California.

As you visit the venues, don’t forget to ask how they would be able to handle your selected motif. Since planning an outdoor wedding is already challenging by itself, it’s important to ensure that you’re already thinking ahead.

Time of the Day and Season
It’s advisable to visit the potential wedding venues at the same time of the day when you’re going to have the ceremony, aside from that, consider the season as well. Through this, you’ll have an idea of what the temperature may be like during your wedding. If possible, also bring the wedding coordinator with you, so he/she can help you assess the place.

Wedding Dress Considerations for Brides to Be

Screenshot 2016-06-02 at 6.23.47 PMIf you have friends that are already married, you’re probably familiar with the horror stories related to bride shopping. From getting overwhelmed in the big box stores, to feeling lost and confused because you don’t have proper guidance. No girl has ever wanted this kind of experience.

Unfortunately, if you’re soon to get married, this is something you can’t avoid. Also, no matter how hard we try to tell you to just savor the experience, we know that it’s something you cannot fully agree with. That is why, we have gathered some wedding dress considerations that you should pay attention to in order to make the shopping experience a little more tolerable.

Never Settle for Anything Less
If we’d tell you that it’s possible to find a dress within your allotted budget, and still be able to have an “incredible gown day” experience, would you believe in that? Would you still think of going to the big box store. We doubt. Indeed, it’s usually the price that influences a lot of brides to be to go to a big bridal store to get their wedding dress. What gets lost in this experience? The EXPERIENCE. Your Gown Day should be the day where you, your mom, and best friend would be heading to the salon to experience a high level of service while searching for the perfect gown.

Here, the experienced stylists would assist you and show you the dresses that would look wonderful on your figure. There are plenty of bridal salons dedicated for this, and their commitment is to serve you the way you deserve. This kind of attention is something that you’d definitely appreciate as you try to handle the stress and problems that might arise while you plan for your wedding. At least, with this experience, you’ll feel like a princess.

Find the Stylist with Passion and Experience
Truth be told, working with an experienced stylist who is truly passionate about what she’s doing can definitely be a memorable and wonderful experience for the bride. When you find your gown, an experienced stylist would feel honored, because she would be able to share this wonderful moment with you. Thus, you will have the confidence that she would be spending a lot of time, effort, and dedication to ensure that you’ll be the most beautiful woman during your wedding.

Check a Selection of Wedding Dresses
The wedding gown you are going to choose should be a reflection of who you are and your style. Thus, it’s important to go to a store equipped with the idea of what you want for your wedding gown, and this would definitely help you narrow down the selection while fine tuning your focus at the same time. Narrowing down your neckline, silhouette, and skirt style could be helpful in hitting the ground running.

Though, let’s say you’re in search of a themed wedding where everyone is supposed to show up in superhero costumes. For that, you should be looking for a stylist who would be willing to make the perfect dress for you– no matter how odd it might seem for others.

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